Galley Planner

Galley Planner is the easiest way to monitor and control the operational functions related to inflight catering, menu planning, and galley loading from an easy to use tablet app.

  • Improve Communications
  • Statistical Reports
  • Automate Loading Specs
  • Industry Forecasts

Track, Plan, & Communicate


Give your employees and catering partners the tools they need for real-time collaboration and increase overall efficiency.

  • Improve communications with live 2-way communication, real-time revisions and alerts to caterers.
  • Automate loading specs for meals, inventory, and equipment required on every flight.
  • Easy to use interface lets you customize galley specs in minutes.
  • Increase accountability by creating a historical log of who built, sealed and loaded each carrier and cart for every flight.
  • Statistical reports show how long it takes to build each carrier, the total flight preparation time, and the overall efficiency of each kitchen.
  • Inventory forecasts are available for each station for any given period.
  • Track all food substitutions and shortages as the flight is built. These changes are communicated to the flight crew in the final loading report from the app.
  • Your data is available anytime, anywhere from our app or any internet enabled device.

The most affordable, intuitive, standalone solution on the market today

IFCS airline catering management software provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of your inflight catering management needs. By leveraging the latest cloud based (SaaS) technology, airline managers can monitor and control the operational functions related to inflight catering, menu planning and galley loading.

Your Benefits

24/7 Support

Unlimited tech support for employees and partners
Customer support adapted to client needs

Operational Control

Fully customized to your business
Enables cost control and reduction

Simple & Intuitive

Easy-to-use and easy-to-train user interface
No special hardware or training

Multi-platform Ready

Cloud based SaS model
Legacy system compatible

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