Flight Crew E-Brief Mobile

E-Brief Mobile is the perfect solution for inflight information management and reporting. Monitor the information transmitted to flight directors and stations prior to every flight with the touch of a button.

  • Access Every Important Document
  • Syncs Reports Instantly
  • Faster Pre-Flight Checks
  • Storage-Locator

Report, Share, & Organize.


In addition to easy access of all of your important flight documents, your crew can easily map the stowage location of everything on board. E-Brief makes sure there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

  • Instantly sync destination information, cabin safety documents, customs card requirements, special instructions, announcements, IFE manuals, policies, procedures, crew routing, bulletins, memos and more.
  • Stowage-Locator helps the crew find the stowage location for everything on board.
  • Catering report includes up-to-date information with notifications for shortages, substitutions and special meals.
  • Speed up pre-flight check.
  • An integrated solution that utilizes a variety of enabling technologies to connect distinct applications. Includes support for XML, JAVA, C++ and Web Services.
  • E-brief is fully functional even in airplane mode.

The most affordable, intuitive, standalone solution on the market today

IFCS airline catering management software provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of your in-flight catering management needs. By leveraging the latest cloud based (SaaS) technology, airline managers can monitor and control the operational functions related to in-flight catering, menu planning and galley loading.

Your Benefits

24/7 Support

Unlimited tech support for employees and partners
Customer support adapted to client needs

Operational Control

Fully customized to your business
Enables cost control and reduction

Simple & Intuitive

Easy-to-use and easy-to-train user interface
No special hardware or training

Multi-platform Ready

Cloud based SaS model
Legacy system compatible

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